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Mindful Consumption and Wedding Registries: What are some good things to ask for?

12 Jul

Others have written about wedding registries for those who feel hesitant about creating one. Faith Durand encourages asking questions like ” Is there anything that would make it easier to help others or to be more hospitable?” and ” How can I make my kitchen greener or more sustainable?” and I think those are wonderful guiding inquiries.

Meg Keene writes, “The registry has nothing to do with the wedding. Our great-aunts and grandmothers are on to something when they insist that you register so they know what pots you want. The registry is not about the wedding, the registry is about the marriage. For us, we hope that means a long life with a passel of kids, a ton of family gatherings, and lots of cooking. So for us, that’s what a registry is about – letting our friends and loved ones build that home for us. The registry is like a barn raising.”

Not only can your loved ones’ generosity help you provide hospitality or live more sustainably, but their gifts can make more visible a very Zen idea– When we are using gifts from our community every day, we can see how everything we do is connected to those around us.

That being said, not everything on our registry was picked with these things in mind. Part of my practice though, is trying to be more mindful without being too hard on myself. Here are a few of the better picks:

Heart Vegan Meals for Monster Appetites by Celine Steen and Joni Marie Newman

I hope this book will be a good resource for creating healthy and compassionate meals that we, and maybe even meat eating friends will enjoy.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day All Purpose Cleaner

We put several natural cleaning products on our registry, as they are safer and healthier for ourselves, our pets, guests, and the environment. Maybe they will even encourage us to clean more!

Simplee Cleen Microfiber Refills

We bought a Swiffer sweeper a while ago, and felt bad when we realized we hadn’t even thought about how wasteful the refills are. With these, we could sweep away and not worry about waste.

Tofu XPress Gourmet Food Press

We eat a lot of tofu, and the way we press it– with paper towels, is a habit I’d like to change. This baby could save some trees!

Fiesta Dinnerware

Fiesta ware comes from my home state of West Virginia, and many people there, including my mom, collect it. This is one of those items that will remind me every day of my connection to my family and home.

Did you or do you plan to make a registry? What was or is on it?