Friday Wedding Meditation: Concentration

22 Jun

It is still more than two months until our wedding, but I am already having trouble concentrating on other things. Why do work when (besides it being a bit slow because of the summer) I can look at potential snorkeling trips for the honeymoon or chat with everyone I know who is online about wedding plans? Because if I don’t, I will 1) Not get any work done in the next couple months and 2) Lose my mind. So here is my attempt at a meditation to help with concentration on things OTHER than weddings.

Sit for a moment with your breath. Notice it going in and out of your nose. As thoughts arise, notice them, and try to come back to your breath. At first your mind may seem very noisy and it may be hard to notice your breath at all. Let your to-do list, your doubts, your nervousness, your excitement come to the surface and then pass away. Take each thought as it arises and speak to it. You may say, “Hello, excitement,” or “Hello, worry.” Your thoughts and feelings will still be there to come back to if you choose to let them go for now. Slowly, your mind will quiet.  As it does, you can shift your focus to a task you would like to complete. If more distracting thoughts arise, say hello to them and gently let them go.




What do you think?

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