Friday Wedding Meditation: Breathing through a to-do list

15 Jun

So I think, partially in an effort to write here more frequently, and partially to encourage my own meditation practice, I am going to try to write a little Zen meditation related to wedding planning each week. Here we go.

Put away your to-do list and sit in a comfortable position. Take a few seconds and notice your breath. Is it deep or shallow or somewhere in between? Don’t try to change it; just notice it. You may feel very busy and like there is a lot for you to do. Realize, with an in breath, that there is nothing  you need to do in this moment except to pay attention to your breathing.

Breathing in, I am happy
Breathing out, I release my tension surrounding my to-do list

Breathing in, I feel the support and love of those around me
Breathing out, I let go of my judgment of myself

Breathing in, I smile to my partner
Breathing out, I surrender to the process

Take a few more moments to watch your breath. When you are ready, take out your to-do list again. Look at the first task you will take on. Remember as you set out to accomplish it, you need to think only about that one task. If you feel yourself getting tense, come back to your breath.


What do you think?

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